As I sit to write this blog, I’m distracted. I’ve literally sat at the computer for about an hour and a half KNOWING that I needed to write a blog, but spent much of my time viewing videos on YouTube, surfing Facebook, and checking random emails.

I. Am. Distracted.

There’s no T.V. on. The baby has been put to bed. There’s nothing but me, Goapele and the hum of the ceiling fan.

Yet, I am distracted.

What is keeping me from doing, essentially, what I LOVE to do (write) in this present moment? Nothing.

Oh, well ME and my random thoughts.

We have to be mindful of how much time we spend idling, burning our “exhaust” doing things that add no purpose to who we are and what we are destined to be.

Picture this:

Every time we spend time excessively doing things that don’t add to our lives i.e., running our mouths on the phone, updating Facebook statuses (I’m so guilty), glaring at the TV, we are slowly dying. We are sitting in a running car, in a closed garage, with all of the windows down. We are breathing in a deadly concoction of fumes that rob us of our ability to be creative, to be free, to seek purpose and utilize the time we’re given to take one step further towards what our heart wants.

I get so caught up, sometimes, chasing after those things that I think take precedence over anything else; keeping a roof over Ashli and my head, paying the bills, finding time to hang with the Sorors! And while I know but between it all, I have those moments where relaxing must end and chasing purpose must begin. Shifting our thoughts from a neutral state into a easy coastal drive can take us from mediocrity and repetitious behaviors to never before seen heights and a new found appreciation for a distraction free mind.

I checked my Facebook 4 times while writing this piece. I checked it 1 more time by the time I finished this line.

We can only strive to be better, and in that effort we’ll find that we were better than we even would dare give ourselves credit for… gon’ tell ’em: “don’t judge me, I’m still workin’ on this here thang…”

Questions? Comments? Hit me at piecemetogether@gmail.com or post your thoughts on the blog.

On the Chase…

Alisha L.

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