Recently, Erykah Badu released a video for her song “Window Seat” where she is walking through downtown Dallas buckey-naked. Completely naked. 

While many debate whether or not her antics were for true artistry or just a publicity stunt, I think she brings about something worth considering when chasing after those things we are most passionate about. 

When chasing after God and his purpose for our life, it may require for us to be extremely transparent. 

We may have to remove the fake lashes, the weaves and wigs, the makeup, the fake labels, titles, accolades, organization affiliations, maybe even appendages (cue the movie “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”) 

Cherry from "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka"

She' removed the filter, ya'll!


What I’ve learned as I chase after God He requires for me to be extremely transparent. It is very difficult for me to hide my past and even my present as I encounter people. While writing my book Pieces: Finding the Missing Piece is Easier than You Think, I remember having a hard time writing certain things in the book because they were so personal in nature. I thought to myself, “What in the world will people think when they learn (insert huge failure or character flaw here) about me?” On a number of occasions, I would erase entire pages of text because the information I was sharing was personal, so hurtful, and, in some ways detrimental to my “reputation” that some people may laugh, snicker, or even see me differently.  

But God. 

Being transparent has allowed me to not only remove the dusty residue from those experiences, they have allowed other people to be transformed through my learned ability to be transparent. No, I don’t run around telling everyone every little mistake I’ve made, wearing my failures and triumphs on my sleeve, but when the time calls for it, I will pour out every bit of me to allow that person to see that redemption is possible. 

How transparent are you? How many lives can be changed by just one moment of transparency? Many believers think that they don’t have a “calling” to minister or have a great spiritual impact simply because they aren’t called to the pulpit. Know that your biggest ability to have an impact on someone else is to drop the act, take of the mask, and just. be. you. 

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimonyRevelations 12:11

Oh, by the way. Every page I deleted I had to retype or click the “undo” button. God just doesn’t like shortcuts, I guess.

On the Chase,

Alisha L.

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