Free (moral) Agent.

Free (moral) AgentLeBron James has created such a buzz about his free agency moves that all of the world has paused, set up their Tivo’s, and have “Decision Day 2010” parties for this Thursday’s much anticipated announcement about where he’ll decide to play. As a free agent, he can pick and choose where he wants to go as a NBA player…and he can take his sweet time doing that.

With all of this coverage and free agency talk, it got me to thinking: aren’t we all free agents?

I mean, when God created us, He made us in His image (Gen 1:27) and gave us the ability to choose (re: Adam and Eve vs. the Tree of Life/Death).

In that one moment, Adam and Eve exercised their right to choose, or be a free (moral) agent.

God gave us the ability to choose.

Choose life or death.

Choose right or wrong.

Choose obedience or disobedience.

He never forces us into anything. We can always choose.

Even with destiny and purpose, things that we are inclined to do simply because we were created to do it, we still have to choose.

There was something that God called me to do about 6 weeks ago and I drug my feet, hesitated, wasted time on it. Finally, after getting a pep talk from a friend of mine, I chose to wake up this morning, be obedient, and simply say “yes.”

A few hours later, I had an entire program put together for the girls I teach at my high school. I can’t divulge details, but what I did in a few hours was just a result of exercising my free agency and making a choice.

Much like LeBron will in a few days.

You have the ability to choose. Every day. Every hour. Even God’s sovereignty doesn’t override your ability to choose.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t any consequences (or rewards) to choosing one way or the other, but hey, the right is solely yours. I think it’s pretty cool that God gave us that right, even if it’s to our demise.

And for the record, I hope LeBron chooses wisely. *cough* Cleveland* cough*

On the chase,

Alisha L.

7 thoughts on “Free (moral) Agent.

  1. Demarcus Allen says:

    Wow you are so right we are all free agents….I never looked at it from this point of view….By Jesus dying and overcoming death He gave us the right to the tree of life but He didnt say we had to choose it…..Thank you Alisha ……Once again you have blown my mind with your gift…..

  2. L.A. Bonds says:

    Girl this blog had me thinking…And you are correct. We are Free Agents. Thanks for this…What a great reading early in the morning. O, and I’m so glad that you are stepping out and doing whatever it is God wanted you to do 6 weeks ago. Trust me, Friends are great, just like the friend I found in you on Thursday afternoon 🙂

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