Kanye West’s “Power”: An Introspective

I like the Kanye West “Power” video…er, painting. But some people, many people in fact “don’t get it…”.

Let me see if I can break this down:
\”Power\” Video (In Case You Haven\’t Seen it)

“One man shouldn’t have all that power…”

Hes surrounded by…

…sword wielding men, trying to cut off his head, sexy women engaging in lesbian acts, spilling water (water = life), food, bowing at his feet…

…while ONE woman sits gingerly at his left, not moving. Eventually, she sprouts angel wings.

There are two women with devilish horns who hold a staff, a sign of power and leadership standing before him…

…before the video cuts, the consuming images of the women disappear and ALL that is left are the two men trying to cut his head off.

To me, that is a POWERful video. Pun intended.

Cut off the head, kill the body. The creativity. The man. The purpose. The destiny. It wasn’t the pussy that “killed” him…

It was two men, with swords…

But can I go even further? Follow me.

The two women with the staffs, serve as Kanye’s mother. She was his leader, protector, guided him when she was alive… She stood guard, and while all the women, and distractions flew in around him, she was there, standing guard.

When ALL those things disappeared..

Kanye’s head, his most important asset, was taken off…

Kanye is no dumb dude. Not in the least…

Power personified.

NOTE: I’ve received so much positive feedback about this post as well as come across some equally thought provoking insight regarding the video. This is one of them: http://shadetheground.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/kanyes-power/

On the Chase,

Alisha L.

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10 thoughts on “Kanye West’s “Power”: An Introspective

  1. shadetheground says:

    I loved your interpretation of the Power….I think it’s a great interpretation of what was going on in the musical painting. I actually referenced your post on my page. I hope you don’t mind.

  2. Maurice J says:

    Yo, I never saw that video until I saw ur post Alisha. WOW! I watched it like 4 times back to back just mesmorized. Kanye has always been one of my favorite artists, his creativity is second to none, and I agree he is no dumb dude. But this is magnificent. And your interpretation makes perfect sense. If that’s what he means by this video, dude is a genius, point blank.

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