::The Missing Pieces::

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Now, for today’s blog:

Find the Missing PiecesThere’s a wholeness that comes with having all of the pieces.

Nothing can operate at its best without all of the necessary pieces.

A car cannot run without a motor.
A bird cannot fly with only one wing.
A woman cannot truly exist with only part of herself.

Every piece that makes us whole is critical to us existing as we should; whole, complete, full, in its entirety. Unlike other women, single mothers have a greater responsibility to ensure that all of the pieces are in place for if they are not, the life of their child can be greatly altered.

One wrong move, one unresolved issue from the past, one decision to refuse to forgive can have long-lasting, lingering impacts on the lives of our children. Finding the pieces is more than just a self-reflection; it is a real manifestation of God’s intent and purpose for mothers, their children, and their legacy.

Pieces doesn’t profess to be a “know-it-all” book. It will not give you a step-by-step guide to find the best you and there is no “secret” to what the book shares with its reader. What it is, however, is a real, raw expression of God’s love for single mothers.

There is a story to be told.

There are hearts to be mended.

Visit www.findthepieces.com to view excerpts of the book, pictures from the book release, and to purchase your own autographed copy.


To the Nines Publishing, LLC is an independent publishing company that features books written to inspire, motivate, and cultivate a better way of living. Our books are written for those who aspire to be more, are eager to find balance in their lives, and being a stand out individual is their way of life.

For inquiries, interviews, or book signings, contact our offices at 404.997.2010 or by email at piecemetogether@gmail.com

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