Lord I love you more than…most stuff.

Courtesy of Nana-Eddy

This morning I was listening to the song “More than Anything” by Lamar Campbell, one of my favorite worship songs. The lyrics of the song says:

I love you Jesus.
I worship and adore you.
Just want to tell you
Lord I love you more than anything.

The holy spirit reminded me as I sung these lyrics that I was lying. That we are lying.

We don’t love God more than anything, we love Him more than MOST things.

There are things in our lives that we just do not want to relinquish control of. We’ll give God this part of our life but not that part of our life; we’ll sacrifice this but not that.

I had to think about the things in my life that I just refuse to give total control to God about. I was thinking, “man I’ve sung this song so many times, went all the way IN singing this song during worship and was lying every. single. time.”

I don’t want to lie anymore. I don’t want fear to make me a liar in worship. I want to be able to say I really love God more than ANYTHING. Any job, relationship, career move, financial gain, opportunity, ANYTHING.

How much freedom would we have if we truly loved God more than anything?

On the Chase,

Alisha L.

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