Haters give me them salty looks…Lawry’s. –Kanye West, Good Life 

Everybody loves salt.

Be it good or bad for you, there is something that salt does to our taste buds that makes what we’re eating full of savory goodness.

In today’s society, when someone is “hating” (such an overused word, I might add) or intentionally being mean or bitter towards you, we say they’re “salty”. I had a chance to think about this colloquial use of the word “salt/y” and considered a few things:

Salt was and is still used to preserve food. Before the days of refrigeration, people used salts to keep their meats fresh and to keep them from spoiling.

If someone is “salty” with you, they have not let go of whatever feelings regarding their own personal issue and is, in a number of ways, savoring their own bitterness and discontent.

I’m going somewhere with this, follow me.

In Matthew 5:13, God calls us (the believer) the “salt of the earth…”

So what chu’ sayin’ God? We got some issues? We hatin’ on Muvah Earth or something?

No, but we are that savory, flavorful part of the earth that helps preserve, keep, restore, and maintain.

What we should also know about salt is that if it was to ever lose its flavor, it becomes useless.

You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste (its strength, its quality), how can its saltiness be restored?
Matthew 5:13

We are here to bring and maintain God’s “flavor” here on the earth. When we lose that ability (whether it be through a lost relationship with Him, the cares of the world, a forgotten sense of purpose), we can no longer draw in those who may not have as much savory flavor as we do. We, in essence, become useless.

We are here to be the salt of the earth. We are here to help preserve, restore, and maintain. We should not only stand out, but bring out the best flavors in others.

As we know, too MUCH salt can make any dish  bitter  and can cause you to make that ol’ ugly tart face, so we must find the balance. But if we give that good grandma pinch of salt here, a pinch there, we can be the perfect compliment to any situation.

Embrace your saltiness. It has greater meaning than you think.

On the Chase,

Alisha L.

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