In the quiet crevices of my social circle, my girls have a way of saying the phrase “wait a minute”.

Sounds like “wayment”.


Today I learned something about waiting.

Many times we get tired of this invisible force field that requires us to wait things out. I am a naturally impatient person, so having to wait for others to do things…well, usually results in me doing them myself. Ion like waitin’, ya’ll. 

However, I’ve acquiesced to patience with people (and myself) and in the process, I’ve learned to be patient with God.

Contrary to popular belief, we can’t rush Him. He does what He wants, when He wants, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

What I’ve learned recently is that patience is a requirement for our faith to work.

Folks immediately think, “well, isn’t faith without WORKS dead?” (James 2:17)

Yep it is. But once you’ve planted your faith seed and done the work, what are you supposed to do next? Wait.

I know of no farmer who plants a seed in their field, goes out to check on it every day to see if it has sprouted. He simply plants the seed and knows at some point and time, he’s going to have him some collards in that patch. That is faith, work, patience personified, my friends.

Hebrews 10:36 reminds us that patience is a vital part to receiving what we are believing God for.
Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised. (New Living Translation)

Once we get a revelation on how important it is for us to wait on God, it will become much easier for us to do His will.

I’m reminded of a sermon my Bishop gave about the parable of the sower (Mark 4:13-20) and how those who sow seed (faith) reap a harvest, some 30, some 60, some 100 fold.

I’ve heard this scripture many times before, but one thing he said stood out to me.

He asked the question: “what is the difference between the person who receives 30 fold, 60 fold, and 100 fold return on the seed they plant?”

Congregation: *blank stare*, random “amen!” from the corner…

Him: “How long they were willing to wait.”

Those who aren’t willing to wait long for God to do what He’s doing always get a 30 fold return, a lil’ bit to nibble on, but not much to sustain you.

Those who are willing to wait a lil’ bit longer get more to sustain, but still doesn’t get the ultimate reward. Almost there, but they’re only getting a 60 fold return on that planted seed.

Those who wait out the trials, the “no’s“, the failures, the lonely nights, the seemingly good opportunities that turned south… those people are the ones who get a 100 fold, a total return on that seed they planted days, weeks, and sometimes even years ago.

That’s who I want to be.

Thanks God for helping us to be patient and telling us to just “wayment.”

On the Chase,

Alisha L.

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