Ashli 2012: A Run for the White House!

My name is Ashli and I’m making a run for the White House! My school, Achievers Learning Academy, is taking an investigative journey and community service trip to Washington, DC May 25th – 29th!

On Friday, March 30, I am participating in a 5 mile walk around Stone Mountain to raise money for my trip! I am seeking pledges of any amount per mile I walk (and I plan to walk all five miles!) Example: $3.00 pledge x 5 miles = $15.00 donation!

100% of the pledges collected will go towards offsetting the cost of my trip!

Please make your donation pledge via the donation button below! If you have any questions, contact my mom!

Thank you for supporting me; I’ll be sure to tell Sasha and Malia you said “Hi!”



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