The rawest of all human emotion is pain.


It can be physical pain
…emotional pain
…spiritual pain.

Pain is the evidence that something is wrong. Terribly wrong.


When pain is already present, sometimes things are done to you that are (or can be) intentionally painful all so that the pain you originally felt can be eradicated.


We often hide our pain because the presence of it makes us vulnerable. It makes us susceptible to even more pain — so we hide it, block it so  that the possibility of pain cannot make its way into our being anymore.


When we see others in pain, our brains and body respond through neuron senses that help us tap into emotions that recall feelings and, in turn, mimic the person emotions of the hurting person. Our hearts race, our faces get flushed, our eyes swell with tears: nothing is actually wrong with us — it is the very presence of pain that signals something in us — a reminder of sorts that reminds us of our own pain. We are able to tap into the memory of our pain (which could be totally unrelated to the pain of the inflicted) and find compassion.

The road to compassion is riddled with pain.


The Via Dolorosa was a path full of pain that lead to an act of compassion. Though He had done nothing wrong, Jesus saw our tears, felt our pain and he responded with His own tears. He experienced His own pain through ours.


I felt pain today. I watched as little boys and grown men wince and wail in pain as parasites and egg sacks the size of a pea were pulled out of their feet.


Though I never had a Jigger or rotting skin or skin so infected that my fingers and toes are unrecognizable, everything I saw, heard, felt, and smelled triggered memories of pain that I have experienced in life and drew me to compassion.


We see this pain and we are moved to compassion.

We see this pain, and like Jesus, are called to action.

Here’s what we can do — choose any or all:
1. Donate $10 to Sole Hope. A pair of shoes for children and adults only cost $10.
2. Have a shoe cutting party. I had one last month and it was a BLAST! It’s a great way to gather with friends and family and do good work for a good cause.
3. Help Sole Hope purchase land in Uganda! Click here to see a mockup of how they plan to use God’s gift!
4. Send supplies from the Amazon Wishlist! They are always in need of socks, medical supplies, and clothing for men, women, and children.
5. Hold a collection drive at your church, school, or other community organization or workplace!

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Photo credit to Gary S. Chapman

2 thoughts on “Pain.

  1. lisha epperson says:

    I can’t imagine the suffering but you brought it near with these images. I read this yesterday and had no words. But I’m glad you’re there to offer prayer, serve and love. I’m glad you’re there to hold the stories.

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