Coming Full Circle

All things come full circle, you know? I can’t help but think about the song “Circle of Life” from the Lion King as this African breeze is whirls around my ankles through the window. Where’s Rafiki when you need him? I’ve been talking about having shoe parties for Sole Hope for about a month and a half and how it has been the easiest way to give back to the children of Uganda through my excess. Jeans that don’t fit for one reason or another, taking up space in my closet and dressers made for a great way to combat a serious disease in Uganda. I posted some pictures along the way of our shoe patterns traveling 7,671 miles from Atlanta to Uganda in hopes of being able to see our patterns come full circle and turn into shoes that would protect the feet of some child.

Well, yesterday it happened. Meet Ivan, age 12.

These shoes were cut out by my line sister, Lutisha, and I chose them because the pattern was so unique and we could forever trace where the shoes ended up! He had a minor case of Jiggers but with these shoes and lots of education on how to stay Jigger free, he can declare #ZeroJiggers! How humbling it was to put these shoes on his feet knowing that his life has been forever changed by a few people who believed in Sole Hope’s vision! We cut out over 30 pairs of shoes at our party and ALL of them have been turned into new shoes for children here. That’s dope. Having a shoe cutting party is probably one of the easiest ways to give back to kids in Uganda. Click here to learn more about how to host your own! On the shoe cutting chase, Alisha L.

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