The Call to Go

In Acts 9, we meet Saul, a man whose entire life is committed to persecuting and killing Christians.

We know the familiar story: he’s on the road to Damascus, and after petitioning synagogues to help him capture Christians, he meets Jesus who tells him to cut the crap.

After being hemmed up by Jesus, Saul asks, “Who are you, Lord?”

Jesus says, “I’m the one you’ve been persecuting.” And without a second thought, He says, “Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.”

Two things have happened here:

1. Saul immediately recognizes Jesus as savior — his spirit acknowledges, responds, and accepts Jesus as Lord, otherwise, he wouldn’t have called him “Lord” in verse 5.

2. Jesus immediately gives Saul something to do because He, too, knows that Saul is called for a greater work than what he was currently doing.

But what is most peculiar is that Saul is instructed to go into the city without any guide, direction, or information. Everything Saul will need to know or do will be there once he gets there.

Many of us who are facing major transitions in life are  also waiting for instruction.

We are waiting for Jesus to come down in a beam of light and tell us what to do. We are waiting for a sign,  a word, a call back, a text message, an email, a play-by-play of what’s next.

Like Saul, Jesus has none of that for us. He just says, “Get up and go. I’ll tell you what to do once you get there.”

What faith it must have taken for Saul to leave everything he knew behind, even the ugly, messed up stuff, and follow a Savior who gave no instruction but to “go.”

What faith it must take for us who have immediately heard the call of the Lord, to know that voice above all others, to leave behind what we once were to just “go.”

As we know, Saul gets to Damascus in verse seven, blind and hungry, and Jesus sends Ananias to Saul to deliver him not only from his infirmities, but to give him the charge to spread the Gospel to all those who would hear.

We can trust that even when we are charged to go forward blind and hungry, broken down and confused, Jesus will meet us there with someone or something to give us exactly what we need. We will be met with provision and healing and a word from the Lord that will help us better understand how the things we have experienced, the person we used to be, the life we once lived will be used for God’s glory.

All we gotta do is go.

Be encouraged! Share this with someone who needs to know that even in a time of transition, all they have to do is pray about where God wants them to go and GO! You’ll know exactly what to do once you get there!

On the chase,

Alisha L.

[much thanks to my friend Logan for giving this scripture to me to encourage me in my time of transition and for her beautiful artwork!]

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