The Power of “No”

Today I gave a “no” to an opportunity so I can say “yes” to the direction I think God is leading me in — even though that direction it’s scary and not nearly as stable as what was offered to me.

I wrote this blog “The Power of No” four years ago and I needed its affirmation so much today.

Read. Share. There’s power in receiving and GIVING a “no.”

Rev. Alisha L. Gordon

No one likes to hear a “no.”  “No” means you’ve been denied something, put on restrictions, cannot receive what you wanted. We dread hearing “no” from our friends, family, potential opportunities, even our lovers. We especially hate hearing a “no” from God.

We’ve been so conditioned to believe that being told “no” means we’ve reached end of our quest for what we sought after, that many times we stop seeking all together OR take a totally different approach in a different direction that we never wanted to go in in the first place.

I’d like to challenge our thinking for a bit.

What if every time you were told “no”, you knew that the next answer would be the “perfect yes”? How many “no’s” would you endure to reach that perfect “yes”?


n. [L., to love earnestly; to choose.]

1. Steady application in business of any kind; constant…

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