Remembering the Dream

There’s probably not a social media platform existing that I’m not connected to in some way: Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and my newest social media obsession, TimeHop.

TimeHop is an app that shows you everything you posted or shared on your social media sites on that day — from one year ago to eight years ago! Some may say that’s a crazy thing but it’s actually quite cool to see what you were saying, thinking, experiencing on the exact day it happened years later.

Late last night, I was preparing for bed and checked my Time Hop to see what life was like on that day in the past and came across this post from Facebook:


On June 22, 2014, I had a dream that I preached at Impact Church, the church where I interned and became a worship leader during seminary. The dream puzzled me (obviously) since I was preaching behind a curtain and didn’t know the text from which I was preaching and I remember being so geeked when I woke up because, at that time, I was growing into the idea that preaching was something that I wanted to do…and may have been good at.

Almost a year later to the day, June 19, 2015,  I’d preach my first sermon at Impact Church.

In my dream, I preached from 1 Kings 4 or 1 Samuel 4.
This past Sunday, I preached from Matthew 4.

In my dream, I couldn’t remember the text I was supposed to preach from right before I got on stage.
This past Sunday, I left my phone on my seat with my bible app that I was going to use to read the scripture. I got on stage and was like “OH SNAP! How am I going to read the scripture? Um, can y’all put that up on the screen, please?” [check the video, you’ll see it! Ha! #transparentmoment]

In my dream, I preached behind a curtain for some strange reason.
This past Sunday, there was no curtain, but it felt comfortable, like I was just talking with friends about a really dope Jesus and his temptation to be spectacular.

Last night, I sat in bed and just cried because I hadn’t given that dream any thought after that day. I hadn’t imagined that it was anything prophetic or reflective of anything to come.

I had a dream and left it there.

What does this teach us about what it means to dream, literally and figuratively?

This teaches us to pay attention to the dreams that often make no sense, that seem impossible.

Even when we dismiss our dreams as something fleeting or the result of too much late night snacks before bed, God remembers. God is orchestrating opportunities on our behalf that we never imagined would really happened — because life often makes us lose our ability to not only dream, but to believe that those dreams could come true.

Often times, our dismissal of dreams are rooted in the notion that we really don’t think they’re possible. The dream is too big, too weighty, comes with too much “stuff.” You couldn’t have convinced me that I’d ever preach at the church that has been so essential in my growth as a Christian leader. Never.

But God doesn’t forget. God is the dream giver. God never forgets.

The book The Dream Giver is an excellent resource in helping us remember our dreams, remember the things that are deeply embedded in our hearts and psyche. The book reminds us that God is the giver of dreams — and no matter who you are, what you’ve gone through, what experience you have, God will ensure those dreams come true — if we’re willing to go with Him.

Here’s to remembering the dream today! Take some time to think about what dreams you’ve had in your heart (or in your sleep) and consider how God is “awakening” you to them so they don’t sneak up on you like my dream did!

There’s so much in store for you today. Dream big!

On the Chase,

Alisha L.

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