Surviving Sarah Podcast Feature

A few weeks back, I recorded an iTunes Podcast with Sarah Bragg, host of Surviving Sarah, a podcast focused on what it means to survive — survive life, yourself, your kids, your jobs, whatever! [I stole that from her site, btw!]

Before I jump in: if you don’t have iTunes, click HERE to listen to a streaming version. You’re WELCOME!

I’m excited about sharing this podcast with you because it’s probably the first time I link together these major transitions of my faith story from leaving my comfy job as a high school English teacher to seminary to where I am today. Here’s the big question: What happens when God “re-configures your dreams?” I went from a college senior ready to go journalism grad school to a single mom — talk about a reconfiguration of dreams! Hear more about this at the 12:35 minute mark.

I also dig deep into conversations around single motherhood and the Church; Sarah asks hard questions about how the Church and community at large can be of better support to single moms starting at the 20 minute mark. We also talk about how we can re-imagine scripture to be more inclusive of single moms and their “sin” (the 29 minute mark). [oh, yes — I TALK ABOUT IT!]

And, how do we find the common thread between our stories to bring us together when issues like race and difference divides us? Check out the 42:55 mark to find out how I think the power of storytelling does this.

Sarah’s website features my Survival Kit,too! What are the things I must have to survive day to day? You’ll see some great links to my favorite t-shirt companies, my favorite coffee brands, and so much more!

And finally, why do we spend five minutes talking about Mike Tyson, Adele, and Biscotti cookies? You’d have to jump to the 51 minute mark for that. LOL!

Please listen, rate the podcast on iTunes, and share with someone you know who needs to hear this story! I had so much fun recording this with my friend, Sarah. Let’s show her some love by sharing and reviewing this episode on iTunes! xo

Surviving Sarah with Sarah Bragg: Episode 7, Alisha L. Gordon

Alisha Sarah Bragg

One thought on “Surviving Sarah Podcast Feature

  1. tara says:

    I came across your site a couple of months ago and immediately signed up for your email list. Today, I just finished listening to your podcast interview and was inspired by your story. I appreciate your authenticity, openness about walking in faith and your willingness to be brave as you follow God. I feel like I am at a crossroad trying to make the decision about which way to go and your story has given me needed perspective. Thank You.

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