On Our Backs: #RapedbyMorehouse

There’s been a day-long conversation about ‪#‎RapedbyMorehouse‬ ‪#‎RapedatSpelman‬. Many of you have questions. Many of you want to enter into discussion about what we can do to change the culture of rape, not only at Spelman College-Official Site and Morehouse, but at all colleges and universities.

Some of you want to victim blame. Others want to turn a blind eye to how their brothers are responsible for the victimization of Black women.

Whatever it may be, here’s several threads of tweets engaging many parts of this conversation, including links to sign the petition to get Morehouse College to offer an adequate response to sexual assaults happening on their campus (towards the bottom).

Read, share, engage. Let’s keep the conversation and ACTION going. ‪#‎SpelHouse‬

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