Art of the Sermon Podcast Feature



Check out my feature on Art of the Sermon, a podcast for people with an interest in preaching/public speaking and church communication. My podcast explored the church’s relationship to single mothers and how this unique ministry opportunity is one that churches often miss. We talked scripture, intersectionality, shame and single motherhood, conservative views of sex outside of marriage (oh snap!) and pop culture.

I was asked about what I’d say to someone who may have a conservative view on sex outside of marriage re: single motherhood. My response?

“We have to decide: does our theology about sex and sexuality trump our understanding of what God has called us to do when it comes to nurturing the lives of children and the families in which they live?”

Here’s an overview of the interview subjects:

Introduction to Alisha (1:30)
United Methodist Women (2:15)
Philosophy of preaching (4:48)
Becoming a preacher (6:44)
Single moms and the Church (10:17)
Scripture and “the fatherless” (14:08)
Finding common ground (16:56)
Missed opportunities (20:49)
Practical ideas for ministries (23:25)
Intersectionality (25:30)
Intersectionality resources (30:02)
Pop culture recommendations (31:39)
Favorite and challenging preaching experiences (36:39)
Easter or Christmas Eve (36:53)
Impactful communicators (38:02)
Recommended books and resources (39:45)
How to follow Alisha (41:15)

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, and Stitcher by clicking here. Y’all know I love talking about this — it’s probably one of my best podcast features to date. Let me know your thoughts — and share this with your friends, colleagues, and churches!

On the Chase,

Alisha L.


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