Power of the Pivot

Life can take unexpected turns despite our best efforts.

Relationships fail, jobs end, programs lose funding, people pass away — and even with all the education, resources, hope, will, and prayer, life has a way of forcing us to change directions at the drop of a dime.

One minute you’re going one direction and suddenly there’s a change. An obstacle. A challenge. An unexpected thing that calls for us to change direction.

This directional change isn’t always a clear one to discern; when you’ve been planning your life around one set of truths/realities and then those truths are no longer, well, true, how does one begin the process of expanding the opportunities to imagine a new future? 

If you’re anything like me, these types of sudden changes have happened a few times over the course of my life and, most times, I’ve rebounded using the same skills, experiences, and ideas that got me through before. 

But in 2020, I need to pivot.

Keeping one foot in place, grounded in the spirit of what has shaped me to this point and the other, out in front, taking intentional, calculated steps to see what else is possible.

It reminds me of good basketball players. When they have the ball and are trying to assess what to do next, take the shot or get an assist, they keep a foot planted in place, grounded and steady while taking a step outside of that stationary place to see what else is possible. 

Jordan gif

This is the power of the pivot.

Pivoting allows you to see what’s around you, assess where the opportunities are, and act accordingly. Take the shot or get an assist. Either way, forward movement is the goal.

The power of the pivot gives you the agility to try things you may not have considered.

The power of the pivot, though sometimes risky, keeps you connected to the formational ideals that shape who we are.

The power of the pivot gives you the ability to see who else just might be around to help you take this thing into a new direction.

What’s grounding you and keeping you connected? What does a pivot in a new direction present as opportunity for new ways forward? Who’s around that may serve as a needed assist when you face challenges?

Here’s to a 2020 where the power of the pivot empowers us to try something new.

On the Chase,

Alisha L.

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