::Response Required::

When we’re faced with adversity, how we respond speaks volumes on who we set our expectation on to fix our problem. The natural inclination to talk to friends, family, or social media networks sometimes over takes us and we lose track of who and where we should set our expectations to fix our problems.

Consider this: whatever your natural response is to an issue, crisis or situation is where you, subconsciously, set your faith in who or what can fix the problem.

Sometimes people drink when there’s an issue.
Sometimes people decide to call their girlfriend and hash it out.
Sometimes people take to social media and spill their guts for people who, quite frankly, could care less.  Continue reading


In the quiet crevices of my social circle, my girls have a way of saying the phrase “wait a minute”.

Sounds like “wayment”.


Today I learned something about waiting.

Many times we get tired of this invisible force field that requires us to wait things out. I am a naturally impatient person, so having to wait for others to do things…well, usually results in me doing them myself. Ion like waitin’, ya’ll.  Continue reading