One of the great things about reading and studying the bible is that you can get new revelation about a story that you’ve heard over and over…and over again and see things in a brand new light.

That happened to me when I was helping Ashli complete a kid’s bible study worksheet and she had to answer the question, “What was Jesus’ first miracle?” We went to John 2 and read the story of Jesus, His mother Mary and some other people at a wedding reception that ran out of wine. (what a travesty!) Mary turns to Jesus and says, “Oh lawd — we’re out of wine! What is we gon’ do?” Jesus turns to her and says, “Ma, that’s not my problem. It’s not my time to do anything supernatural about that yet — chill.”

(Of course, I’m paraphrasing in my own vernacular.)

But Mary, knowing something that Jesus didn’t know yet, took a step in the right direction to put Jesus in the position where He had to operate in the gifting and calling on His life.

“But His mother told the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:1-5)

As a result, Jesus performed his first miracle of turning ordinary water into some of the best wine the people had ever tasted.

There are things we are called to do — special, great things that God has purposed in us to start (or even complete) that we haven’t done. Why? Because we’re waiting on something.

That may be the right time, the right amount of money, a word or sign from God, or a good pep talk from our closest friends and family.

As we can see, even Jesus, although He knew that He was here for a special purpose, was waiting for something.

Mary gave him the “go” He needed to go ahead and step out into what would be the most impactful ministries of all time.

I believe that every single person reading this knows what they’re called to do or have some kind of idea. You have that dream, that goal, that thing that’s been nudging you and you’ve just been waiting for a sign or situation that gives you the green light to move forward.

This is your green light. Go.

On the Chase,

Alisha L.