What I’ve Learned: A Week in New York

‘Bout a week ago [insert Shmoney Dance] I moved to New York.



I preached about this 12 year journey  here. Since my move, I’ve learned a few things. Like to hear it? Here it go:

    1. People tell you how to get places through cardinal directions. “Go north on so-and-so.” “Take the southwest train exit.” Where I’m from, we tell folks to go “left” or “right.” You don’t realize you don’t know directions well until someone tells you to go “north” and you look at them like “what that mean?”

2. $1 pizza slices will really save your life. My diet has consisted of $1 pizza slices, coffee, and more $1 pizza slices (don’t worry: I walk 10,000 steps a day most days.)
It’s a beautiful sight is to see people of all races, from business men and women to starving artists, standing outside the pizza stand, slices folded, scarfing them down in harmony. It’s a beautiful thing.

3. I haven’t mastered walking fast with coffee in my hand. I tried that on my first day of work. Epic fail. It really is a skill.

4. Speaking of walking fast: this city reeeaaally forces you to use your body. You’re walking while dodging people, things, doors, climbing steps, trying not to fall down steps, gripping MTA train poles while holding your bags and cell phone: A LOT.

5. Street harassment is real. I’ve always known this but really underestimated how often women get harassed on the streets. In Atlanta, we don’t have nearly as many face-to-face interactions with strangers as people do here. We go from car, to building, to car again. Here? You’re always in spaces with strangers — all the time. Street harassment is real.

6. Apartments are small. Really. Not a rumor.

7. I don’t really understand why g-r-e-e-n-w-i-c-h is pronounced “GREH-nich.”

8. I also don’t understand why “h-o-u-s-t-o-n” is pronounced “HOW-ston.

9. Sallie Mae and Navient will find you in New York.

10. People are nice. Not “sweet tea and biscuits” nice, but “black coffee and plain bagels” nice. Won’t give you a sugary warm feeling but it’s enough to get you going and send you on your way. People really want to help you because they know this can be a tough city to navigate. Just don’t expect much coddling in the process.


But most importantly, I’ve learned that I can do anything I put my mind to. I’ve always known that about myself but the last week has been quite the reminder.

Week one of New York living complete! I deserve a bagel. With Lox!

Love + miss y’all,

Alisha L.

The Big Ask

I’m moving to New York City. It’s been a crazy six weeks since I found out I was hired as the Executive for Spiritual Growth at one of the world’s largest women’s organizations, The United Methodist Women. Excited is an understatement!

The story getting to New York City, believe it or not, started over a decade ago when I was a senior at Spelman College.

I tell the story in my last sermon at Impact Church, “The Big Ask.”

Using Luke 11:5-10, I talk about the work we are called to do between the “big ask” and the answered prayer. The work we do in between our prayers and the answering of them are just as important as the answered prayer!

Check out the video below and share with someone who has been knocking at the door waiting for God to answer!

[note: at the 15 minute mark, I accidentally say 2006 when it should have been 2010!]

On the Chase,
Alisha L.

The Big Ask from Impact Church on Vimeo.