The Noah Syndrome

Yesterday, as I was reading comments on a recent blog post I wrote, I felt an overwhelming feeling.

I really couldn’t put a finger on it, but the thought that came to me was “what in the world was I thinking?”

In the midst of being obedient to God, we may ask ourselves that very same question. As we trudge through the thing He’s told us to do, we may become weary, fearful, embarrassed, or even regretful that we stepped out on faith only to face ridicule, questioning of motives, and a major side eye from friends, family, and even strangers.

It is in this place that we have to have the Noah Syndrome. Continue reading

No Frills, No Thrills.

Not much frill, excitement, or lyrical genius in this post. Just pure, unadulterated teaching. Ready? Read.

In my quest to learn more about God and myself during this time in my life, I’ve knocked myself in the head with a brick a few times. What I thought to be patience really wasn’t. What I believed to be faith wasn’t even close.

After earning another knot on my head for being impatient, I really wanted to get an understanding on what it meant to believe in, trust in, and have patience in God. I did a “plop and flop” (when I just plop the bible down and flop the pages open to an arbitrary place) and landed on Psalm 131. My bible gave a cross-reference to Psalm 62.

Now I’m going to break down some key words in these verses so if you’re ready to learn what I learned, pay attention.  Continue reading


In the quiet crevices of my social circle, my girls have a way of saying the phrase “wait a minute”.

Sounds like “wayment”.


Today I learned something about waiting.

Many times we get tired of this invisible force field that requires us to wait things out. I am a naturally impatient person, so having to wait for others to do things…well, usually results in me doing them myself. Ion like waitin’, ya’ll.  Continue reading