What He Said About You

This morning,  I was reading Psalm 139 which discusses God being an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful, and omnipresent God. It explores how much God knows about us (everything), how long He’s known this information (before we were born), everything He thinks about us (He thinks we’re pretty awesome), and how much we’re on His mind (every millisecond of every day for all of eternity).

The Holy Spirit, however, seemed to be grieved as it told me that despite God feeling this way about His people, we don’t seem to know these things, or at least act like we know them.

“They [the collective us] act as if some manufacturer made them, like some mass producer of product created them. They discard themselves so easily, they make poor choices and misuse their bodies and talents as if there’s not something special about them.”

As I sat and listened, I realized that we really cannot fathom how much God really cares about us. Even David admitted this in verse six of this Psalm. Look how complex and detailed Psalm 139 (New Living Translation) is about how God sees us: Continue reading