Intentionally Intentional

“I won’t be before you long, saints…” — From the book Lies Preachers Tell


No seriously. Won’t be before you long but I wanted to discuss being intentional.

Adjective: Done on purpose; deliberate.

Noun: a determination to act in a certain way.

Many times, we become comfortable, complacent with our current state of being. If you’re anything like me, most of us won’t do anything that’s not required or that we have to do.

That has turned into being passive in all things: in our pursuit of God, of better life, of better health.

It’s not until we receive a bad report from the doctor that we have diabetes or at high risk of dying of a heart attack that we tighten our belts and live a healthier life style.

It’s not until all that we know is taken away from us in tragedy that we decide to pray daily, morning, noon, and night, until we see a change.

Why must it take a push, a tragic change, a enforceable requirement before we become intentional in our living?

We have to live on purpose. Just as we purpose ourselves to do things like go to work, pay our bills, etc (because we have  to) we need to be very intentional on pursuing God, living healthy, and having an overall better life.

This week, I’m challenging myself to do those things that I don’t usually do simply because I don’t have to.

This means getting up at 6 am make SURE I seek God’s face before my day gets started. I don’t HAVE to get up that early, but to make sure that God doesn’t get lost in my day, I’m going to intentionally set my clock and plan to get up like I do to get to someone’s job.

There are other things I’m going to be intentional about and I hope that eventually my intentions will catch up to and blend into who I am. Then it becomes second nature.

Join me, will you?

On the chase of intentional living,

Alisha L.

::Response Required::

When we’re faced with adversity, how we respond speaks volumes on who we set our expectation on to fix our problem. The natural inclination to talk to friends, family, or social media networks sometimes over takes us and we lose track of who and where we should set our expectations to fix our problems.

Consider this: whatever your natural response is to an issue, crisis or situation is where you, subconsciously, set your faith in who or what can fix the problem.

Sometimes people drink when there’s an issue.
Sometimes people decide to call their girlfriend and hash it out.
Sometimes people take to social media and spill their guts for people who, quite frankly, could care less.  Continue reading