What Good Is This?

Last week, on Palm Sunday, my 11-year-old daughter was sitting around with a few of my friends from church and asked us a question: “Next Friday is Good Friday. Why is it called ‘Good Friday?’ There’s nothing really ‘good’ about it.”

Me, a public theologian and seminary graduate, and three other really smart, bright, church going, educated, well traveled adults sat there with blank stares because none of us could answer the question.

We took to Google to get the answer. Continue reading

Easter: Get Outta My Seat Day!

Hey guys.

Every year around this time, we gear up to remember the greatest moment in history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We take off work, get our hair done (or did, depending on where you’re from), get our best clothes and food prepped for “the big day”.

We send out the inspirational quotes and Christian memes are retweeted at an all time high.

We prepare for this moment like Fat Tuesday: beads, bells, whistles, even a titillating [praise] dance to show the world we’re Christians and we know it! Continue reading