Find the Pieces: A Biblical Study for Single Moms

Life as a single mother is a richly rewarding, yet challenging experience. While there are many resources to help single mothers flourish, there is a limited amount of faith-based resources that help single moms reconnect to their faith.

Find the Pieces: A Biblical Study for Single Moms is a unique 6-week small group curriculum that connects single mothers with other women to explore the spiritual, social, and relational experiences that are uniquely yours. Participants can expect to dig deeply into the social stigmas of single motherhood, uncover the richness of Scripture that support and liberate single mothers, and discover new ways to engage in both the church and local community to undergird your family’s walk with God. This interactive, social group is perfect for single moms from various backgrounds with children of all ages! The curriculum is full of resources and offers a flexible schedule for face-to-face and online facilitation.

Why Find the Pieces: A Biblical Study for Single Moms Necessary?
While single mothers are one of the largest female demographics in the church, it is also a demographic that is often overlooked and have limited access to resources that speak to the uniquely different needs of single mothers.  Because single mothers often undergird much of the  community, meeting the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of single mothers is critically important to developing long lasting, positive impact in sacred and secular spaces. Find the Pieces focuses on the biblical, social, and relational needs of single mothers giving life to entire communities in which they live, work, and worship.

There’s nothing like this on the Christian studies market and is a needed and necessary resource for churches, small groups, and even non-profits who work with single mothers in a faith-based setting. –L. Smith, Atlanta

Participants will:

  • Unpack commonly held ideas about single motherhood found in the church and society and the diverse ways one can experience single motherhood;
  • Engage in group activities that offer practical application to the reading of Scripture;
  • Learn new ways of reading the stories of women like Hagar and the Widow Woman in 1 Kings 17 as a point of liberation and affirmation;
  • Develop new understandings about life as a single mother and God’s unending love;
  • And build a support system of women who can serve as newfound friends and accountability partners.

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