Kim Kardashian, Remember This? Oh, Kanye.

I called this on October 11, 2011. Kim Kardashian was afraid of Kanye leaving her “pregnant and alone.” Now she’s pregnant for real…

Rev. Alisha L. Gordon

Dear Kimberly,

I’ll start this off by acknowledging the fact that you’re still a married woman who’s in a serious relationship with Kanye West. I’m not judging but it’s worth mentioning for the sake of this blog. It bears mentioning so that the readers won’t have to bring that up in the comment section. Okay? ‘Kay.

I read an article in OK! Magazine entitled “Will Kim be a Single Mom?” where the author suggest that your “shaky” relationship with Kanye will result in you getting pregnant  and being “all by yourself.”

In recent statements, you said, “Kids [are] definitely something I want. I want to be married with two parents in the house to raise the kids.” (Source: The View)

It seems that your “traditional family” values are pretty in tact. You grew up in a two parent home. Naturally, you’d want that for your children as well.

You don’t…

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