Target Practice.

Watch your back...

Target practice. Watch your back.


The closer and closer we get to destiny, the bigger the target we become.  

Not Target™, the fun, whimsical store that sells the upper echelon things that Walmart™ has for 20% cheaper… 

That invisible target that is on your back, radiating, waiting to be struck with the enemy 9MM. Well, he’s a heavy hitter. Let’s say his .45. 

Remaining in the will of God gives us protection like no other. No matter how big our “target” grows (it grows with more obedience and the closer you get to God’s will for your life), as long as you are in His will, you are guaranteed protection. 

Anytime we step out of God’s will for our life, we are prime targets for the enemy to take us out, to snipe us. 

Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 

IN the Lord. Not next to. Not ahead of. Not behind or on top of. IN the Lord. It is IN Him that we are granted those things that we desire the most and it is in that same place that we are protected. 

As an old pastor of mine use to say, “stay under the spout where the glory comes out.” 

This is not to say that God can’t and won’t protect you, keep you, show you grace and mercy if you were to do something out of His will. However, why take to steps backwards in His plan for your life, try to play catch up, and do a 1,000 hours of prayer to fix something that could have been avoided by simply staying IN. 

The pressure is on for people everywhere to get in line with God’s will for their lives. Sooner or later, like in any war, the enemy will be come a renegade and begin taking people out at random. 

I, my friends, won’t be one of them. My target is big, wide, heavy, and  shielded with bullet proof, fire-proof, arrow proof, hater proof steel. 

Get at me. I can help you get your “weight” up too… 

On the Chase, 

Alisha L.

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